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Services Rendered & Payment:

By using the Belles & Outlaws provided services, you agree to the following conditions and regulations:

-Belles & Outlaws/MiessauLLC reserves all rights to promote/advertise any photography/ videography taken during the event where a Belles & Outlaws/MiessauLLC representative is attending.

-Belles & Outlaws/MiessauLLC reserves the right to use and provide services through third party vendors. Belles & Outlaws/MiessauLLC also reserve the right to outsource to local vendors.

-Insurance is only provided when needed from the client. Belles & Outlaws/MiessauLLC provides health insurance for any Belles & Outlaws/MiessauLLC representative only. Although liability and property damage insurance may be purchased for a fee during the time of the booking. Insurance must be bought a week before the event in question that may be requiring insurance.

-No employee/vendor/performer will be used for explicit or exotic entertainment during any event provided by Belles & Outlaws/MiessauLLC.

-No employee/performer will be entitled to stay even a minute longer then the time allotted during the initial contract. However, if the employee/performer decides to stay and render services the employee/performer and the client will neither be given more money(performer) nor be charged(client).

-All monies owed/paid will be made out to “Belles & Outlaws” or “MiessauLLC”. No monies will ever be made out to any employee/vendor/performer in any form of payment. Cash is not accepted. The only payable methods are through online payment or check (Unless otherwise coordinated with someone in an executive level position).

-All monies must be paid in full 24 hours before the events date and time. Any amount not paid will be charged and may incur additional fees.


Additional Fees:

- Belles & Outlaws/MiessauLLC representatives are only allotted to give the time that is stated in the contract for that specific event. Although the representative may stay on there own behalf, they are not obligated nor will they be required to stay or perform any extra lessons/services rendered.

-By signing and accepting the contract that is to be filled and signed for EVERY event through Belles & Outlaws/MiessauLLC you agree to all of the terms stated above and any special regulations or terms that may be put into the contract as they are event based.